Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slow Sales.....

The week started off rainy but busy. Thom did a few household repair jobs and I spent the a.m. at Miracle Hill preparing the store for our February business day. The morning morphed into a routine afternoon.

Errands for the hubby first thing today and I was back at the mission. The ladies were thrilled with the Valentine candy bags they were able to purchase with their points but unfortunately the men's side had been a bit slack the last month and we had no male customers. We had a brief powwow and they are determined to get back on track with the program. Next month should see lots more shoppers! 

I am excited to have completed the 2016 Bible Scripture Studies for CPC! I touched on some more sensitive topics and am hoping our clients will get a deeper meaning of following God's Word in today's world. I learn so much as I research and prepare the commentaries and questions .....certainly a blessing to me to do this work.

Weather was sunny enough for a nice long walk plus Divots half mile. Looking forward to spring!

Time for an afternoon coffee break......

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