Sunday, March 29, 2015


We have been on such a spending spree and it has got to stop! It was back to the stores again yesterday for more "decor" and new room needs......okay, so we had our tax refund but that is gone and it's time to pull in the reins. On the other hand, spending our kids inheritance is fun and I love the new look!

Actually, the second coat of stain went on yesterday and Wednesday the old and new hardwood gets a final once over.....wait a few days for total dryness and we can move the furniture back. It's been a long process.

Beautiful day today. Although chilly when we left for early service it warmed nicely for a pleasant walk. Odds and ends but mostly a relaxing Sunday.

Going to be a busy week. Praying the Lord will bless our coming efforts at CPC as we prepare for Senator Ted Cruz's visit on Friday. Thom and I both liked him when we joined with a small group of local Republicans at a local restaurant to have a private lunch with him a few months ago. Not sure he has a shot at the White House, too conservative for most but right on target for us. We'll just have to wait and see.

Taking a moment to thank the sweet Lord for all in my life.....

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