Friday, March 27, 2015

Being Quiet.......

Thom and I both enjoyed a fine Wednesday. Our pastor took a mini-vacation and Thom filled in for him at prayer service. His message was thoughtful, intelligent and provocative as usual. He is always a blessing to us all.

Yesterday at the skin cancer center was not quite as easy as last week but came to a fine conclusion regardless of the extra procedures involved. We got home in the afternoon with many more limitations than my previous surgery. Since this spot was on my chin I've been instructed to minimize my talking,smiling, laughing and yawning for the next 3 weeks and consume food in tiny bites......ugh! Never realized how much we use our chin muscles whose movement will disrupt the stitches and the healing process. Should be fun trying to follow those rules!

Our friend Marvin came this morning to begin the process of staining our new hardwood floors. There are several steps but we anticipate to finally have it all done by Easter. He was my first real challenge as he can be a funny guy and it was a struggle to not speak and definitely not laugh!

Keeping busy rearranging rooms etc.. Thom is spending his time assembling the bookshelf and dresser for the new room. Loving it so far!

Time to return to work.....

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