Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Unforeseen Issues......

Monday was a shopping day with limited success. We are on the hunt for so many items for our revamped home and spent hours trekking in and out of stores. 

I've actually had better luck online with satisfactory purchases of mattresses and furniture....hard to believe. Rugs are a different story as I feel the need to touch the pile and see the actual color. We bought a simple beige area rug for the dining room but can find nothing to match the "seafoam green" sofas on the living room. I may end up taking my chances online after all. 

Lots accomplished today. Nice long walk to break up the work load. 

Biggest and funniest problem these days is hair care. I literally have to lay on my back across the kitchen counter with my head over the sink (holding a cloth tightly to my side burn area) so Thom can wash my hair. There is no other way to avoid getting my stitches wet and the doctor emphasized the importance of keeping them dry. Let's say I appreciate his efforts but rinsing shampoo out is not his strong suit and the results are not so good.....flat, heavy hair! Hopefully Thursday he will say I am healed enough to take care of this chore myself ( and manage to keep my chin stitches dry then).

Looking forward to a great day at CPC tomorrow......

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