Sunday, March 22, 2015


My "surgery" was  piece of cake. They were able to clear all the cancer with the first attempt. Fifteen small stitches and we were out of the office by 11:00. Yeah! Praying I have as much success next Thursday with the next "spot". 

We did just kind of relax the rest of the day.....the dreary weather was conducive to that sort of afternoon anyway. Our sweet pastor dropped by to check on me.....felt guilty for not warranting a visit. 

Friday was back to normal and Saturday morning we were up and out early on our way to Raleigh for the Ranger hockey game. The trip was extra special. We met up with my cousin Diane and her hubby Steve at Applebee's near the arena and enjoyed dinner and lots of catching up. It had been about 18 years since we had seen each other and we had a terrific time! Will plan on a repeat get together next hockey season.

Great Ranger win so Thom was thrilled. Not too bad a ride home but tiring none the less. 

Back to housework......

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