Thursday, March 19, 2015

Back In The Swing......

Thom got right back to golfing on Monday and it was the perfect touch of spring day. 

Tuesday was Miracle Hill morning. We opened the Promise Point store for business and it was wonderful. The client's comments and responses made the effort worthwhile. Late afternoon we rode to Rock Hill to see the newest Carney family addition and celebrate a few March birthdays. Titus is a precious little guy and it was good to see the kids and grands.

The alarm went off at 4:45 yesterday. I connected with Alexia and Debra off the highway in Spartanburg at 6:30 and we headed to Columbia to attend a Senate sub-committee meeting as the 20 week Pain Capable Bill continues to make it's way through the legislative process. Once again it met with strong opposition but no vote was taken at this point. I'm certain we will return next week as the saga continues. Praying for the softening of hearts toward the unborn.

Prayer service last night and a reasonably early bedtime. 

Another early alarm this a.m. and presently at the skin cancer center having a basal cell carcinoma (sp?) removed. It's a long procedure with samples examined in the lab as layers of skin are removed.  Patience will be tested today but we are prepared with our tablets, books and snacks.

Maybe I can catch a nap between layers.......

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