Sunday, March 15, 2015


Normal Saturday day but a different Saturday night. With Thom still in Florida I planned to go to a concert with Alexia at a church in Boiling Springs. Our friend Joni Robinson is part of one of my favorite singing groups, Eighth Day, and they were performing there. Sadly, Alexia's mom was hospitalized and she cancelled but I decided to attend anyway and was glad I did. 

Thom and I have been fans for years (long before I met Joni personally) and own and listen to all Eighth Day's CDs.  They were great as expected and I also was blessed to run into old friends that I hadn't seen in years. Fun time!

There were other singers and the evening ran much later than I ever thought. Home near 11.....late for this old girl. 

Sleep just wouldn't come and I finally dozed off at 4 a.m.. 3 hours later I was up and preparing for worship. 

Service and SS than off to Gastonia to pick up my hubby. The
car  rolled in from the Sunshine State shortly after noon and the whole family gathered to welcome mom and AJ home.

A long day on little rest. Glad to have Thom safely back at Camp Carney.

Off to bed in short order......

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