Friday, March 13, 2015

Has It Been Almost A Week?.......

I would need to consult my calendar if I want to do a true daily update but I don't think our week was worth it. 

In a nutshell, Thom worked 12 hours a day and completed the rooms upstairs, They look amazing! He took a well deserved Wednesday golf break and enjoyed the spring weather but other than that the days were long and labor intensive. The daybed and bedding arrived so decorating begins next.

As for me, I attended a local Republican Women's Club meeting on Monday night with Alexia. Attendance was minimal (maybe 20) but Wendy Nanney (sponsor of the Pain Capable Bill) was the speaker and the gathering was interesting. Not sure if I will join. I think I'd prefer a larger group with more clout! 

I spent Tuesday at the mission and up in Gastonia to hang out with my girls and sweet grands. Wednesday at CPC and the remainder of the time attempting to start my deep cleaning and purging of collected, unused "stuff". Hope to make many trips to Miracle Hill's thrift store with donations or to the dump with the useless clutter.

Warm yesterday but back to rainy chill this morning. Heading out the door soon for shopping with a long list.

Just look around......blessings abound.....Thank You sweet Lord....

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