Monday, March 2, 2015


Bundles of red oak are piled neatly in the dining room. Installation Thursday.....yeah!

We had a touch of spring today and the doors finally were open to let the fresh air fill the house. Divot was even challenged to a longer walk this afternoon and as of now seems none the worse for wear. 

Didn't stray from home although Thom made his almost daily trip to Lowes for paint to finish off the closet interior. All he has left is to hang the door than it'll be waiting for the painter. Maybe Marvin (the painter) will finish his other job earlier than expected , we can always hope! I've been online checking out daybeds, sofas and area rugs but just can't bring myself to order those items without seeing and touching them. Tomorrow I plan to start brick and mortar shopping.

Reading and cycling next on my list .....

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