Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Assortment......

The last few days have been busy. 

Tuesday was Miracle Hill morning followed by a full afternoon and an evening at the movies. Thom and I joined our CPC friends in Simpsonville for the premiere of "The Drop Box", a documentary about Pastor Lee and his work in South Korea with abandoned babies. Excellent movie.....God's love in action through human hands.

Blessed day at CPC yesterday. I love spending time with those clients with whom I have made a true heart connection. It means so much when a girl says "I couldn't wait to tell you......" or "there is something I've wanted to talk to you about.....".

Mission night at prayer service last evening and home to relax.

Floor installers were here at 7:45 this morning and both rooms of hardwood were laid by noon. The noise almost drove me crazy.....don't know how these guys are not deaf ! Looking forward to seeing the finished product when sanded and stained. Frustrated by the 3 week wait.....I thought it was only two and that was bad enough! But, it will teach me patience (fat chance!) and be worth it when it's done. Thom and I plan to hit the stores tomorrow for our new furniture needs.

Tonight's entertainment will be provided by Carson. We are attending his school play after dinner.... looking forward to it.

Up to date......

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