Monday, April 27, 2015


Change of plan soccer game scheduled. A catch up afternoon and evening service instead....just fine.

Thom golfed this morning and I planned to sleep in a bit and spend a laid back day. Janice called to chat at 8 a.m. and there went my sleeping late. I had begun my list of chores when Debra called to let me know a large local church was interested in making donations to Miracle Hill.....I called the church and was soon off to the location and loading my car with half dozen large boxes of toiletry items. This church warehouses overstocked and clearance items from large drug chains and distributes them to local ministries.....blessed that both CPC and Miracle Hill can now be a part of their network.

Finally got underway with my housework mid-afternoon.

Thom off to a CPC Board of Directors meeting. Heading out with Divot for a walk then Bible study time.....

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