Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quite The Day.....

In a world of typical fundraiser banquets Miracle Hill chose to have a fundraiser breakfast at the elite Piedmont Club.......7:30 a.m.!!!! But we were there with many other familiar faces from various ministries and it was a very nice event once we were pumped up with a pot of coffee.

We traveled separately and Thom returned home for lawn work while I went to Miracle Hill for my usual office duties. From there CPC was my noon stop for my weekly Abortion Recovery Bible study. Near 1ish I was homeward bound. Unfortunately I then found myself in the middle of a car wreck.....literally. I was stopped and hit from behind propelling me into the car ahead.....I was the ham in the ham sandwich! No one was injured and mine was the only car sustaining significant damage but it was over 90 minutes before the police finished reports and sent us on our way. Ugh. Funny note: the sweet girl that hit me was very upset. I tried to comfort her and we chatted for the hour or so we stood on the roadside....by the time we left she had invited me to her wedding (which just happens to be taking place at Lyman Lake Lodge).....friendship and blessings in the most unexpected of places and circumstances!

Time was required for insurance contact but eventually we were on the road to Gastonia. Pizza with family and cheering Emmy's volleyball team to victory was a fantastic way to conclude a stressful and exhausting day.

Thankful for only property damage and seeing God's hand in my life.....

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