Friday, April 17, 2015

Informed voter.....

I didn't set my alarm and when Thom's went off I didn't even hear it. He was on the road to northern destinations by 8ish. He planned to complete electrical work at my mother's but the job got rained out. One other item on his list, he picked up a door at Stefanie's and delivered it to TJ's house in Rock Hill. An earlier day than planned and he headed home.

I was at CPC for the entire afternoon preparing the seating cards for mailing. Long day but fun company for a tedious job.

We enjoyed BBQ at Dickey's Restaurant where we joined a small group from the local Republican Party  to meet and greet possible presidential candidate John Kasich. He spoke and did a Q & A. Thom and I were interviewed by CNN......waiting to see if our remarks were newsworthy!

Interesting evening......

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