Thursday, April 16, 2015


Thom made up for yesterday's rain out by playing 18 holes this morning with his buddies. 

After lunch he hooked up the trailer and we did pickup and delivery duty for the banquet. The lemonade stand he built for last year's BBQ theme is being converted into a ticket booth for this year's "Theatrical Debut" decor. He had also built a few additional large items to be transported to the Expo center. We are blessed that they allow us access to the huge room so early before the event to prepare. We will certainly be there every day next week working hard to get everything perfect for the big night.

Still rainy, cold and yucky so riding to nowhere provided the only muscle movement for the day. 

I'm waiting for another dryer load to be finished. Thom waiting anxiously for the first Stanley cup game.

Go Rangers.......

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