Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Mission minded Tuesday morning. I headed for Miracle Hill and Thom for CPC. His afternoon was spent constructing decor items for the upcoming banquet....a productive few hours in the garage. 

Rain poured throughout the night and for the entire day today as well. The old timers met at the golf course just in case but it was a no go at Village Greens. Thom ran out for additional CPC building needs before returning home. I had a full day at CPC. A new client as well as returnees. Between appointments and during lunch we filled popcorn bags and decorated table centerpieces......banquet time is always fun and hectic. One of my sweet young moms locked her keys in the car and it was an adventure attempting to "break in". I finally went to auto zone for the tool to unlock the luck. Eventually the fire department was kind enough to send someone to rescue us from this dilemma at no cost! 

I was asked to participate in the MOPS program at First North Baptist as a mentor. Hoping I can rearrange my Tuesdays with Becky allowing me to join that group for their meetings. Looking forward to another opportunity to serve and praying for guidance in that area.

Needing a bit more bike time. Far too much time today indoors.....

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