Saturday, May 16, 2015

Busy With Boys......

A few stops along the way and we picked up the boys about 3:00. Luck was with us. The auto body shop called to advise us that my car was ready and we were able to swing by there and exchange the rental before closing. They did a super job and even presented me with a bouquet of spring flowers for using their business ( what great public relations!). 

Dinner at Denney's , a dog walk and a few lively games of Sequence before saying good night.

The kids are early risers so our pancake breakfast was over and dishes were done before 8 a.m.. They've already been dog walking, fishing, canoeing and pedal boating .....not even lunch yet!

Swimming on the afternoon agenda and both have been promised a trike ride with grandpa.

Will definitely be pooped by tomorrow night.....

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