Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The boys joined us for worship and SS (Thom was teaching which made it extra nice). After a quick lunch we left for Rock Hill where Tanner, Thom and I were entertained for hours at Thomas' piano recital. Thomas did just fine and it was enjoyable listening to the young learners hunt and peck out a few stanzas on the keyboard. It did run way too long with the more advanced students but I guess that comes with the territory. Dropped the boys off and headed home.

Monday was Thom's catchup day but I was back on the highway for a  full day in Gastonia. Visited with my mother then spent the remainder of the afternoon doing what I could to assist Janice in relocation efforts. First round volleyball tournaments were scheduled and we packed the stands to cheer on Olivia and her team. Sadly they lost but she was pleased with her little trophy. Emmy's division was next and a hard fought battle resulted in victory!!! She played great and it was really exciting! Home after 11:00....tuckered out.

No sleeping in for the weary on Tuesday. Thom golfed and I went to Miracle Hill for the morning and a session with my client at 2 p.m. for her bible study. Baking and cooking after we completed dinner in preparation for Thursday's dinner guests. Laundry in the mix as well. Hit the bed before 10.

CPC today but no one scheduled for my afternoon appointments.....a blessing. Finishing a caffeine break and about to tackle my chore list. 

Think this weekend will finally allow for a few empty moments....hope so.....

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