Friday, May 22, 2015

Guests And Graduation......

Annie graduated from preschool yesterday and as we have done for her previous brothers and sisters we journeyed to the Episcopal Day School in Rock Hill for the adorable ceremony. She and the other little ones looked so cute as they marched down the aisle, sang a few songs and received their diplomas. We lingered for pictures and the cupcake reception before the return trip.

Busy afternoon before Becky and Ricky arrived for dinner. We enjoyed a spin on the lake and dessert outdoors relaxing and chatting. A good time with good friends.

Thom arose early this morning to drop Divot at the groomers for her summer haircut and a little primping. The morning was cool for the season and we decided on a long walk before handling the routines of daily life. 

Almost 10:30 and time to get to the laundry etc. while Thom attempts to repair the ailing mower and test out the freshly repaired pontoon. May be time (after 15 years) to replace a few things.

Blessed day here at Camp Carney.......

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