Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hard To Keep Track.......

Thom and I had committed to attend worship at Newspring Church in Spartanburg on Sunday to represent CPC with a lobby display before and after service. They had invited the ministry and are organizing a donation drive for diapers and wipes.  It is a mega-church with the whole casual dress, coffee shop atmosphere and video preaching going on. Not our cup of tea! I prefer my Pastors to be present in bodily form at the pulpit.

We left the church intending to work at a downtown catering hall decorating for the Cinderella Ball hosted by "Faith for Fathers" a super great men's ministry. We arrived but no one was around and come to find out they wouldn't be there till afternoon....we headed home with regrets but labored at Camp Carney for the day instead.

Thom devoted Monday to the yard and I traveled to Miracle Hill to prepare the "store" for business. Some afternoon shopping and later cheered Carson's baseball team to a tie and enjoyed a sub-sandwich dinner and a fun and game night at the Bishops.

Back to the shelter this morning to handle the Promise Point transactions. From there I met with my abortion recovery bible study client and ended my running around with food shopping for Mother's Day. Thom took my damaged car to the adjuster and arrangements were made for repairs to begin on Monday. He too began the preparations for Sunday.....we are so hoping for nice weather.

A men's Wild Game Dinner was tonight's event at church. Thom reported great food, good music and an enlightening bible study. I had left over subs.....okay with me.

A little reading, a little TV and off to bed......

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