Friday, May 8, 2015

The Days Fly By......

We slept in a bit yesterday . Our commitments began late morning so we tried to get some chores done early.

We parted ways before noon. I headed to Spartanburg to participate in the National Day of Prayer event at the Beacon. It was a great time of corporate and small group prayer for our troubled nation. I was one my own for dinner as Thom was playing in a "Hope Remains" fundraiser golf tournament that ran long past mealtime. 

Another full day today although it was not quite the one Thom had in mind. Divot hasn't been quite herself lately and we decided to take her to the vet. Thom handles that duty and it ate up most of his morning and early afternoon hours. They did blood tests, x-rays and we even had an ultrasound done to cover all possibilities. Good news ($450 later!). Her excessive panting, heavy breathing and change in appetite is caused by her being overweight! Since Nuggett's passing last year Divot has become much more of a house dog and inactivity has taken it's toll. So.....less food and longer walks are the remedy! 

I enjoyed a nice lunch with 9 CPC friends to celebrate a few birthdays. Charming little restaurant in Landrum ......good time, good food, good company.

Our dinner was shared with approximately 120 folks at Dickey's BBQ where we gathered to hear Governor Rick Perry. What a super nice guy. We had a few moments for one on one conversation and on a personal level I am a big fan. He has not declared yet but if he chooses to run I think he will be a contender worth looking at closely. Don't think I would have any reservations giving him my vote.

Home finally. Hoping the Rangers can pull this one out in OT......

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