Monday, June 15, 2015

Can No Longer Keep Track.....

As scheduled Thursday the PP store at the mission opened for business after a morning at VBS. We had quite a few "shoppers" and it was super! One of the residents had earned an abundance of points doing extra work around the shelter and spent all his points purchasing toiletries to give to those in need at his church. Love watching the Lord work around us!

After a full week of VBSes Thom and I spent a Friday workday in Gastonia. Thom helped Steve install storm doors in the new house while the kiddies and I unloaded the pod and unpacked games and DVD's. We all loaded in the van later in the day and labored a while at Stefanie's house. Thom removed a large diseased bush while the kids and I scrubbed the front porch. Steve and Brady mowed and edged and Thom repaired Emmy's bedroom door. Lots of work but lots of laughter and fun as well. The house looked sparking new when we left. Pizza at my mother's house and a long ride home for two worn out old folks.

Saturday we caught up with our own house work and joined friends for dinner and a concert. My favorite gospel group "8th Day" performed at a local church.....they are so good. The fact that she is a friend makes the music even sweeter. We stayed to help clean up and were home by 9:30. My phone rang shortly after to let me know I would need to teach the 1st and 2nd grade SS kids......short notice but I managed a plan for our time.

SS went great and we picked up a fundraiser meal from the FLC for dinner one night this week. Short notice decision to celebrate Julia's birthday at Camp Carney so the Kahns arrived about 2 for an afternoon of swimming, supper and birthday cake. 

"Do You Believe" was being presented at our church last night so we loaded in the car and spent the evening at the movie. It was excellent however, I would not have classified it as family friendly. Brady and Olivia were a bit too young for some of the violent content and intense scenes. Company gone by 9 ish .

Plans for a home bound Monday were changed with an invitation to dinner and a movie. After a day of putting the house back in order we are cleaned up and ready to go.

So blessed.....

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