Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Running Around........

Super fun evening with bunches of friends last night. About 20 of us met at Wade's restaurant for dinner. Stinky food but great company. Onward to see "Old Fashioned", a sweet love story. It was predictable but enjoyable. 

Thom golfed today while I ran all around town wearing many hats. First was my MOPS meeting with the leadership committee planning for next year. I think I will enjoy mentoring with this group of young women. The meeting closed with a bible study but unfortunately I had to escape half way through to make my appointment at CPC. 

We had our concluding session of the abortion recovery study. On Friday we will conduct a memorial service to recognize by name and put to rest those unborn victims. These last eight weeks have been intense but rewarding.

From CPC it was off to Miracle Hill then finally home after a few store stops. Thom and I met in the pool for a brief but relaxing float before dinner.

Feet up.......American Pickers on TV......bed not far off.....

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