Sunday, June 28, 2015

Has It Been a Week......

The beginning of the past week was typical (if I remember correctly).....golfing, Miracle Hill, CPC, prayer service and daily chores.

Thursday I spent the day in Gastonia swimming with the kiddies and dining at Dunkin' Donuts and Mickey D's. I returned home with Olivia and Brady in tow. Colleen, Carson and Lylah joined us for dinner, crafts and hours in the pool.....a super fun time.

Thom played in the Wounded Warriors golf tournament on Friday but the kids and I enjoyed an active day. Evening time we loaded in the car and headed toward the Georgia border to pick up Julia and Ben......terrible storms made the trip very scary but  the Lord gave us safe travel and we were home near 8:15 to end our Friday with game night.

A house full of children on Saturday. Janice and Steve came down to claim them mid-afternoon. Stefanie came too and we celebrated Janice's birthday with meatball subs and birthday cake. Great day. Tail lights about 9:30.....tired grandparents waved goodbye.

Church and SS today. It took most of the day to get the house spic and span but we met for a mid-afternoon relaxing float....very nice break before we were busy again. 

A break for blogging.....more company on the way.....

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