Friday, June 19, 2015

Put To Rest.....

Sweet time shared with friends last evening. This wedding will mean a change of domicile for Andrea. Shane will whisk her off to live in Charleston.....I will miss her.

My abortion recovery bible study concluded this morning with a memorial service to recognize, honor and mourn the unborn. I assembled candles and roses and with staff members present we conducted a sweet ceremony. My client named her babies, received "Certificates of Life" and put their memory to rest acknowledging their presence with the Lord. She spoke of the children and her responsibility for their death. She spoke about God's amazing forgiveness and her release from condemnation. It was heart breaking and joyful at the same time. What a blessing to have experienced this journey with her.

The remainder of the day was anti-climactic. Shopping at Aldi and home to chores. Hate being housebound but oh so hot outside!

Might not be too late for a swim......

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