Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Already......

We muscled through the rest of the week with full, on-the-go days.

Wednesday was a challenging day at CPC. I had a new client who is a member of a "cult". She was the sweetest girl and I know I will love her. Praying that love will be my witness for Christ and she can come to know the truth of God's grace through our ministry. 

Thom had a large turnout in spite of the heat and had a good but exhausting golf day.

Thursday our new boat was delivered. It's is a bit shorter then the other but still seems roomier. Divot adjusted easily and took her place at the helm. We'll have a bit more speed now for times ahead! I spent the morning at the homeless shelter and food shopping with an afternoon of chores.

We had no trouble occupying our morning and I see an active afternoon to come.

 A sweet friend from CPC lost her husband last night. She is a few years my junior and he was our age......he is in glory with the Lord now but it brings to mind the blessings I have and the temporary nature of this life.

Praising and thanking God for His mercy and grace.....

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