Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Best Vacation Ever......

We said goodbye to our beach house on Ocean Isle early this morning and I miss it already!

What a super fun, amazing, fantastic, busy, busy week we had. Stefanie, Brian, Emmy, Janice, Steve, Julia, Ben, Olivia, Brady, Thom and I spent each and every moment of each and every day involved in something fun and sharing wonderful times with family. We rented the same 5 bedroom house we have had on our previous 2 vacations there and it was as comfortable as an old shoe. 

Beach walks, shell collecting, wave jumping, bike riding, pool swimming, corn hole, bocce, volleyball, craft time, board games and much more filled the daylight hours. Happily exhausting days were followed by late nights chatting on the deck with the sweet ocean breezes stirring the salty air. Just does not get any better!

I will admit it was good to see Divot again. My mom and aunt were kind enough to spent the week at Camp Carney to dog sit. Love my home but still it was such a great week.......

God has blessed us so......thank You Lord.....

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