Thursday, July 23, 2015

So You Want To Be President......

The last few days have been busy getting back into pre-vacation routines. 

It was a blessing as usual at Miracle Hill on Tuesday. Thom took an extra golf day and explored a new course in NC with his buds.

Yesterday was exciting at CPC. Jeb Bush came by the office for a "meet and greet". He spoke briefly and shared some personal stories. He was quite personable and everyone had the opportunity to take a photo with the presidential hopeful. We still have not made our choice but I don't think I would oppose supporting him. We shall see.

Our friend Elizabeth had some electrical issues at her home so after dinner we drove there. As expected Thom worked his magic and repaired her malfunction.....a man of so many talents and willing to help!

Full day of company prep today. Hoping for a non-rain evening to get all on the pontoon for a lake cruise.....looking forward to a fun night.

Blessings abound......

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