Saturday, July 4, 2015

Taking To The Water.....

On the way to Gastonia Thursday we stopped at a local marine store to look at pontoons. Our boat has been giving us fits for over a year and last season we invested quite a bit of money in repairs to no avail. We contemplated a new engine but after viewing a beautiful, new, shiny watercraft it was hard to justify the expense on a 15 year old boat. So.....

Yesterday morning we purchased an 18' party barge pontoon to be delivered in a few weeks.....yippee! 

Motivated by that purchase, this morning we were off to Academy Sports where my fisherman husband treated himself to a new fishing boat to add to our "fleet". He's been wanting one for some and dog challenging the lake waters for the catch of the day. He ordered a trolling motor and soon they will be off casting and reeling in whatever Lyman Lake has to offer.

Preparing for tonight's guests and hoping the rain will stay at bay and everyone can enjoy their 4th of July celebrations. We had hoped for a lake float to view the show in the sky but that won't be and snacks and maybe a ride to the firehouse if we want to watch the colorful display.

Praying America will return to the Lord ......  

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