Monday, August 24, 2015

Actually 4 Years.....

Hard to believe it had actually been 4 years since Kathy and Edd had been here. Time passes way too quickly!

Super great visit. Lots of catching up on family and life in general mixed in with boat time, corn hole and evening Sequence games. They headed out after breakfast Sunday morning for points south in search of a new S.C. homestead. 

CPC conducted in-service training this morning. These sessions are always fun and informative and today's was no exception. Following it's conclusion at noon I headed back to the office with Alexia to help with preparations for Governor Scott Walker's visit. The remainder of staff returned about 1:30 and by the time guests began to arrive at 2:30 all was in order. Thom arrived near 3:00 with a fresh and more appropriate wardrobe for me. 

Gov. Walker and his entourage pulled into the parking lot and proceeded to tour the facility and speak to the gathering of about 60 people. Thom (as Chairman of the Board) got a semi-private meeting with him and later we got a photo to add to our candidate collection. He was a sweet man with strong values and the backbone to fight for them. I like him.

Thom stayed for a board of directors meeting and I dined on a chicken sandwich.

Our life is so full and so blessed.......I am so grateful to our Lord for His mercy and grace.......

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