Monday, August 31, 2015

A Week's Worth......

My goodness, let's see if I can remember.....

Tuesday was a sweet, pampering spa experience at the CPC volunteer retreat. A full morning of worship and fellowship. Perfect. Unfortunately I missed the MOPS meeting down the hall but I sent my blueberry muffins!

Wednesday was an abbreviated day at CPC. I arrived home at lunch time and finished packing. Thom was detained at the golf course but we managed to hit the highway toward Pennsylvania by about 3 p.m.. After 7 hours on the road we found a pleasant Comfort Inn in Woodstock Va. and got a good night's sleep. We pulled into the Baldwin driveway about 1:00 and of course Pop and Dot had lunch waiting. It was the beginning of a great 3 day visit. Lots of catching up and good conversation. Our love and thanks for their hospitality!

Tami, Marc and the boys made the trip to Montrose on Friday and it was a wonderful fun time. Some football, game playing and of course a big Italian dinner at a local restaurant. Love spending time with these guys! 

After lunch on Saturday we headed for home. It was tempting to do the 12 hour run all in one day but by 7:30 we had enough and stopped for the night. Up and out by 8:00 had us home for a noon time lunch.

We unpacked and freshened up but there was not much down time before "The Prayer Launch". We needed to be there early to welcome attendees and I was thrilled that we did. Approximately 1300 people gathered at the "Star Center" for 2 hours of worship and prayer. The event was organized by CPC to respond to the Planned Parenthood videos. It was truly a time for God's people to unite and petition for the de-funding of PP and the end of the atrocity of abortion. It brought me to tears to witness this assembly of Christians glorying the Lord in word and song, asking His forgiveness and acknowledging His power. Amazing!

Can't wait to see His mighty work begin.......

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