Friday, September 4, 2015

The Week......

It has been a hectic week. 

Thom played golf Tuesday and Wednesday enjoying every minute. I attended the last steering committee meeting for MOPS on Tuesday morning. I am getting to love these girls! Next stop was Miracle Hill for a couple of hours then some restocking of food items at Aldi. Finally home by late afternoon.

For some reason on Wednesday I had no morning clients so I dedicated that free time to Christmas shopping. Two of my absolute favorite girls had the 2:00 and 3:00 appointments so it was a special, although lengthy afternoon.Dinner preparation time was limited so it was a quick meal before prayer service.

Yesterday was an overdue Gastonia run. We made all the stops beginning at my mother's, then to Janice's and concluding at Forestview High School to watch Brian's football team with Stefanie and Emmy. Unfortunately they got clobbered!

Household work this morning and at 3:00 we'll be seated at a local church for some praise and worship music featuring my favorite trio "Eighth Day". Going to a Greenville Drive baseball game at 7:00 as they close out the season. 

Blessed and fun day ahead.....better get in gear.....

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