Saturday, August 8, 2015

Can It Be Saturday Already.....

The week went by with the usual activities. 

Thursday was highlighted by the presidential debates. I am not a debate watcher but did view quite a bit of the event. I'm more of a highlight person and count on Thom for his overview. I am just uncomfortable watching people be put on the spot (weird I know). I enjoy the talking heads and all the clips. Many have been eliminated from my vote list and one or two have moved up.....we'll see as time goes by.

Friday was scheduled for a Carney family visit but it was decided that rescheduling would be a better idea since the forecast was for a rain filled day. Since our home renovations there is no more play room or kid friendly area in our house and having so many little ones confined with little to do would be unfair. Camp Carney is totally geared to outdoor entertainment! Next Saturday is the new date and we are hoping for hot and sunny.

We were prepared to feed guests so we decided to invite friends to share our abundance of unserved food.....just subs, sides and dessert but a lot of it!

Looking forward to a fun evening.....

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