Friday, August 14, 2015

Consulting The Calendar......

Another week has past in a whirlwind. 

A few highlights:
Tuesday was a MOPS meeting in the morning. I have been assigned my table and chatted with the "table shepherd". She is a very sweet girl and I am thinking this is going to be a wonderful experience as I get to know and love in these young moms. Thom and I had a quick lunch and went to Gastonia to celebrate Aunt Joan's birthday with family. Delicious meal at Bellacino's and back for her cake at my mother's house. Love spending time with my kids and grands.

Wednesday was a short day at CPC with only morning clients on the schedule. I stocked up on supplies for this weekend's guests and ended the day with prayer meeting.

Thursday morning at Miracle Hill and more errands followed by cleaning and laundry. 

Up and out for a dog walk already today. Thom cutting grass and final touch up on the house before preparing dinner for a cousin's visit from Chicago. Haven't seen Doreen in maybe 25 -30 years! Her daughter is an incoming freshman at Clemson and we have been the delivery point for her belongings (whatever we could do to help). They are flying in and stopping here before situating her in the dorm. It will be so nice to reconnect and I'm certain this will be the first of many future visits. 

Better get in gear......

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