Sunday, August 16, 2015


Some enjoyable cousin time on Friday evening. It was fun getting reacquainted with Doreen and John and meeting Olivia. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner, relaxing boat ride winding down with screen room coffee and cake. With a huge rental vehicle crammed full they left for Clemson about 9:30. 

Saturday TJ and his clan arrived early afternoon for a full day of pool, boat, fishing and other things backyardish. It rained briefly forcing some us to huddle under the canopy while some of the kiddies frolicked in the precipitation. It was a passing shower with no thunder or lightening so swimming in the rain was a novelty. Tail lights about 6:30 and after a brief cleanup Thom and I were ready to chill out with a cup of fresh brewed java.

Church and SS this morning gave way to an afternoon of Christmas shopping. I am woefully behind although this year we have decided to ask for parental assistance ( we give mom and dad some $ and they buy what the kids want!). 

Chores and time to catch our breath.....

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