Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Variety Of Places.....

Monday was a day off....kind of if you don't consider cleaning etc.

Thom was back in the constructing business yesterday working on a project for the CPC golf tournament. I headed to the mission then to Gastonia for 2 volleyball games. It was one of those rare nights when Olivia played at 6 p.m. and Emily played at 7 p.m.. They both played great and it was a fun, fun time. 

Back on the home front Thom attended a cottage prayer meeting in preparation for revival services at Holston Creek. So sad that a congregation of over 300 could only produce 8 people at a home gathering for prayer (yes, I know I was absent so I am the pot calling the kettle black). There will be 4 more which I will definitely attend. This country needs revival and it can start at home!

A fine day at CPC. My muslim client came in for her appointment and it was an interesting and promising meeting. Such a sweet girl and I can see the light of a believer beginning to shine in her eyes.

Prayer meeting was a bit unusual tonight. A moment after we sat down Thom asked what I had done to my eye. I said I had done nothing but at his prompting checked it out in the ladies room. Apparently a blood vessel had burst (for no reason) and the white of my left eye was full of blood.....yuck! I researched it when we got home and the condition has a name, is unprovoked and basically harmless but takes 1 - 2 weeks to clear. Looks scary!

Debate is wrapping up. Lord save this country from Trump..... 

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