Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wisdom And Wimpy......

The last few days have been filled with blessings. Friday and Saturday we attended the Truth for a New Generation apologetics conference at First Baptist in Spartanburg. Friday we heard from the Benham brothers (their testimony was amazing), Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King) and Will Graham (grandson of Billy Graham). It was awesome!

Saturday the keynote was Todd Starnes whom we enjoyed enormously and 4 breakout sessions of our choosing. We were inspired, educated and blessed by each one. 

After worship and SS this morning we headed once again for Spartanburg to join in the Hearts for the Homeless fundraiser 5K for Miracle Hill. The temps climbed into the 90's and I hate to admit that this old girl felt headed to heat stroke after 2/3 of the route. I bailed at the water stop in front of the mission and Thom made better time without me! Becky was heading back to the starting point and I hitched a ride with her and met Thom as he crossed the finish line (he was one of the first!). I am so disappointed in myself.....I thought 3 miles would be a piece of cake since we walk 2.5 almost daily. Just got too hot for me.....oh well. The shelter reached their financial goal and our presence on the street increased awareness of the plight of the homeless in our our locale.....mission accomplished!

Recuperating and preparing for another active week.....

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