Tuesday, September 22, 2015

For Moms And Babies......

As a budgetary move Stefanie changed phone, internet and cable providers yesterday and we went up to Gastonia so Thom could supervise the conversion process and make certain all was in proper working order. The cable guy was an hour early (as were we)......pleasant surprise. I had invited my mom and aunt to join us for coffee while the job was being handled and we visited while he worked his tech magic. That done we stopped briefly at my mom's for a few minor household adjustments and headed back south.

Thom was in the market for new sneakers so we stopped at the outlet mall where Sketchers were purchased. How exciting!

Back home for a walk and dinner before he zipped around the corner to hook up a trailer harness to Robert's pickup. The day closed with a Met's victory over Atlanta.

MOPS for me this morning.....even more young moms attended today's meeting. We "played" musical mentors which allowed each of us 5 - 7 minutes at each table to answer questions and allow the girls to get to know us a bit better. Some of the questions were thought provoking, some fun and some quite serious as the girls asked for both information and advise from us older and supposedly wiser women. 

Thom spent the day working on tournament preparations and I did a bit of pick up and delivery for that same purpose. We've managed to get another long walk on the books but I think it's getting toward afternoon power nap time.

Blessed busy days......

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