Thursday, October 22, 2015

Community Project.....

Super early alarm this morning.  

Spartanburg is rebuilding a park playground and we (with some CPC friends)  volunteered to be part of the labor force. We had to be there shortly after 7 a.m. since we were also called upon to serve breakfast to all the workers as representatives of the center. By
 8 ish we took on the real tasks of the day. It was just so fun and inspiring to see hundreds of volunteers from the community join together for the build. Thom was a "skilled" worker and did "power tool stuff ". I became a painter and together with Alexia and 6 or 8 others from CPC spent the day adding color and design to all the activity centers which will dot the playground. Our shift lasted till noon and we headed home. The undertaking is targeted for dedication on Sunday......can't wait to see the finished project and watch the kiddies enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Thom worked on Robert's car this afternoon while I baked for the church's fall festival.

A late dinner and about ready to go to bed.

Thank you sweet Lord for opportunities to give back...... 

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