Sunday, October 25, 2015

Busy Days.......

Friday was a full day of cleaning the house from top to bottom while Thom was having a fun day of golf with his buds. Not complaining. We spent the evening together at a Swamp Rabbits hockey game in Greenville. They are the new local hockey team (a Ranger farm team as a bonus). This was their first game and as an extra incentive to attend it was a fund raiser for Miracle Hill with $2 of every ticket purchase going to the ministry. It was fun being back at the renamed BiLo center .

Saturday was a commitment to do devotions between the soccer games at Holston Creek. We have over 175 children participating. It is so fun to watch the tiny ones. Preparations for company filled the time left in the day and early to bed.

Early to rise this morning.....6 a.m. to be exact in order to get my soups started. Thom and I both taught our respective SS classes and our 11 a.m. service featured our favorite gospel trio "Eighth Day". Joni (the female singer) and I had become friend through CPC so she and her husband Scott came to Camp Carney for lunch and to hang out for the afternoon. Alexia attended service with us (also a friend and fan) and we had a sweet and fun time. The weather was cooperative and we served lunch outside totally enjoying the best of the day.

Football tonight but won't last long....

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