Saturday, October 17, 2015

Days Off.......

I just chilled out the last 2 days. Stayed close to home for the most part and attempted to shake off this ridiculous cold and persistent cough that has driven me crazy for over a week. 

Thom shared his germs with sweet. He spent most of last week sleeping in the recliner and this week was my turn as we try to allow the other to sleep undisturbed. 

Hopefully this I will realize a cure today. I missed Tanner's football game and the MOPS retreat last night.....ugh!

One highlight.....Mets win on Thursday! Looking forward to the series with the Cubs beginning tonight. Getting out the peanuts and cracker jacks!

Thom is still in Rock Hill at the game.....such a beautiful day. I took Divot for a long walk and am working on the lessons for the Connections class that I start teaching tomorrow. Sitting on the screen porch to autumn.

Blessings all around.....

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