Monday, November 2, 2015

Oh Well.....

I have a volume of adjectives that would be appropriate for the pathetic performance of the Mets in managing to blow last night's game and their chance at a world series title. Ugh!!!!!

We will just have to focus our fan enthusiasm toward NASCAR hoping to cheer Jeff Gordon to a championship in his final year of racing. He's made the final four so there's a chance! The Panthers are also undefeated so maybe another of our teams will carry the banner to top the league.

As for today, the unrelenting rain has kept me home bound and Thom ran a few errands only. I've been kept busy with projects and preparations for a brief presentation on Wednesday at our WMU gathering and next Tuesday at the MOPS general meeting. Busy in God's Word.

Still work to do on a dreary Monday.....

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