Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Craziness......

A super day yesterday!

After a brief bit of shopping to pick up hats and gloves for mission client Christmas present bags I headed to Miracle Hill for hours and hours of hard labor. Becky had an overwhelming "to do" list and I was able to help cross off some major tasks for her. We had fun as we labored and as always it was an amazing blessing to me.

I left Spartanburg for Gastonia and dinner with Stefanie. We thoroughly enjoyed Cheddars potato soup with a Caesar salad....yum! Instead of finishing her shopping list we decided to go back to the house and relax and wrap gifts while sharing tea and chit chat. We always have a great time together.....I am so blessed.
I was tempted to spent the night but decided to hit the highway when truck traffic would be minimal. Home near 11:45.

Thom had played a rainy round of golf and was entertained by a Ranger game so I don't think I was missed too much.

He attempted to play again this morning but the precipitation got a bit much and he bailed after 9 holes. I baked all morning and we are enjoying some quiet pre-dinner time.

Glad our holiday prep is done.......

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