Thursday, December 17, 2015

Serious Subjects.....

More spring like weather yesterday and Thom enjoyed the day participating in a golf tournament. I had a blessed day at CPC. Two of my very favorite clients were scheduled for the morning and our conversations were meaningful and at times quite intense.

One client, the mom of three, is quite concerned in regard to the moral battle being waged in this country concerning homosexuality. We discussed at length the activities our children are exposed to on a daily basis just by walking through the mall or watching "innocent" shows on television. Even commercials are corrupted in an attempt to normalize perversion.  We reviewed how to combat that exposure with biblical truth. After that conversation I discussed with staff the idea of offering a class for our moms in handling these issues with our children.....what is age appropriate for children at different levels and remaining respectful of persons while maintaining the steadfastness of the knowledge of sin. These are becoming common situations for our kids who find themselves in class or on sports teams with children who have 2 "moms" or 2 "dads". I think parents need to have effective tools to deal with this and I'm hoping we can offer that information through professional sources.

Today was finally a sleep in morning (at least till 9) followed by housework. Thom's SS has their Christmas party tonight. It should be fun.

The season marches on......

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