Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bethlehem And More......

The Lord blessed us with spring like weather for the entire weekend. 

We spent Friday with final preparations for the salt shop and were in our places near 5 p.m.. The Roman soldiers sounded the cry and we were open for business. Nearly 1300 visitors on night #1. The next to last group was our family from Gastonia! The Tarantinos and Kahns finished their tour and snack and joined us at home near 11:30.....we left the town at 10:30.

We had the entire crew overnight.....people sleeping everywhere. Morning brought a variety of homemade muffins. We girls played games and hung out while Thom, Steve (and sometimes Brady and Ben) installed a new water heater under the house. They all vacated Camp Carney by midday and we recuperated a bit before heading back to Bethlehem. I was so excited to see the faces of MOPS girls as well as clients, volunteers and staff from CPC. Colleen, Mike and the kiddies came also.....love it (and them). Some folks waited as long as 2 hours in line and we did not pack up for home till 11:00!

Up early on Sunday to attend service in  Gastonia at Janice's church where she was given the time dedicated to the message to share her testimony with the congregation. She was amazing and I know the Lord used her to touch hearts and souls. My mother, aunt, Stefanie, Emily,and Brian attended along with Janice's father and stepmother. I fought back tears as I listened to her redemption story and her journey to Christ......I cannot explain the joy in my heart to see her, Steve and the four children sharing her devotion and being a part of a group of believers. 

We joined them for a brief pizza lunch and it was back to our salt shop for the final evening. Another night past 11:00. The total of visitors to Bethlehem this year was about 4500!!!!

I had hoped to have a Monday recuperating and relaxing but was called upon to attend a meeting to organize the next Post Abortion Bible Study so I spent the morning at CPC. We will begin the 10 week program in January and I will facilitate a mini-group of 2 women. Thom worked disassembling Bethlehem and catching up around the house.

The Promise Point Store was open for business at the mission this morning so I was there to man the shop. We had quite a few customers and it was rewarding to hear comments expressing their gratitude for giving them the opportunity to provide gifts for their loved ones through their own efforts.

Home and a power nap then back out the door for our annual "fancy" dinner at the Piedmont Club in Spartanburg with friends from church. Great food and we consumed far too much. Great fun and loads of laughter.....good times!

Thom cramming in the recorded hockey game and planning to watch the recorded Republican debate. 

Not me......off to bed very shortly.....

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