Thursday, December 10, 2015

And The Bands Played On......

CPC Wednesday was 50/50 for clients. My morning girls were a blessing but the afternoon appointments were "no-shows". One however, was very near her due date and may have had her little girl. The other was a first timer and sometimes they have second thoughts or just forget. Whatever the reason I spent the time addressing CPC Christmas cards and chatting with friends. 

It was our final Bethlehem Walk practice and the shop keepers were in their places and the guides had the opportunity to get their bearings in the actual town. Tomorrow we open for business.

Today brought a trip to Rock Hill to attend Thomas' band concert. He plays the trombone in the intermediate band with other home school students. Several groups performed at varied skill levels....the little kids that are just beginning are always so cute. Thomas did great.

That 1.5 hours of entertainment was followed by the second band concert of the day. This one was in Gastonia. A quick on the run dinner at Wendy's and we arrived for Emmy's 7th grade performance. She plays the trumpet and did great too. 

Home by 9 ish. 

Blessed with talented grands .......

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