Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Public Speaking.....

Yesterday  was a home day.....nice for a change! Thom went as far as "Bethlehem" to put the tarp up around the salt shop and burlap our table and stall area. I simply spent a full day with chores and catching up.

Back to busyness today. Thom played golf with his buddies and I set off early for MOPS. It was my turn to do a "mentor moment" presentation. I was nervous speaking to the group of 75 young women but it went well. I spoke about my sudden illness of 13 years past and how I found my peace in Christ through the painful months and once healed found my purpose in serving the Lord. Phil. 1:21-22! Donna asked me to stay for the nursery workers luncheon and repeat my message.....such a blessing to share what God has done in my life even through difficulties.

I spent some of the afternoon at the mission and a bit of Christmas shopping before heading home near dinner time.

Enjoying a quiet evening with my hubby.....

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