Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sunny Smiles.....

Thom and his seniors got rained out yesterday but made up their game today......chilly but sunny.

I spent a full day of seeing clients at CPC yesterday. My last client was late and called to ask me to wait for her. I love that. It means that our time together is important to her which warms my heart. Unfortunately it also means a "warmed up" dinner since I didn't get home till well after 5. An easy meal and prayer meeting concluded a blessed Wednesday.

The Promise Point store at Miracle Hill was open for business today and a dozen or so clients shopped with the points they had earned. God has blessed our efforts with a bit of monetary support and finding great deals to fill the shelves. I so enjoy helping the clients make choices and love their joy at acquiring their own "things". Nancy and I were there from 8:30 till near noon and it was super.

I had a few errands involving CPC and headed home for baking and chores. 

Thom settled in for a Ranger game and I'm about ready for bed.....

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