Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally Out......

Churches cancelled services Sunday and the majority of folks stayed put one more day. At least we did! We had plans to travel to Olivia's birthday party but the local roads were still a disaster. The cake went in the freezer and we continued to occupy ourselves within the walls of Camp Carney.

Schools were closed yesterday for precautionary measures but the major thoroughfares were clear and dry. Thom spent the day cutting tree limbs and working on his van (whose battery had totally died) while I attended a CWA (Concerned Women of America) luncheon. It was interesting and many of my friends were there so I enjoyed the afternoon. Shopped a bit and headed back home. 

Another school delay resulting in the cancelling of MOPS this morning. Thom has an early doctor appointment for his yearly checkup followed by a day of golf. 

Post-abortion bible study at noon then I'll be at the mission so it will still be a full day.

Praying for the Lord's blessings, leadership and guidance......

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