Saturday, January 23, 2016


Emmy slept in but enjoyed a late chocolate muffin breakfast before we headed to the airport to pick Thom up from his Florida trip.

God was definitely at work in the timing of our lives the last few days. We had a quiet afternoon but repeated weather warnings changed our plans for Emmy's visit. We drove to Gastonia after dinner and returned her to her mom allowing us to arrive home just as the storm began to deposit snow and freezing rain on the roads. 

A few inches of snow here in the south polarizes everything. The main problem is the layer of ice hidden under the pretty white covering. So.....we stayed put all day Friday doing chores, baking, reading and working on a new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. 

No dip in the temps to melt the precipitation so today was a carbon copy of yesterday. Thom worked on his SS lesson (only to find that church was cancelled) and I finished 2 CPC Bible verse studies for 2017. I decorated Olivia's cake for her birthday party tomorrow but our trip is still questionable if the roads are not clear yet.

Good day (so thankful we never lost power).

The Lord has watched over us as usual......thank You......


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