Saturday, January 9, 2016

ProLife With Duck Commander......

Bright and early yesterday we were traveling south to Columbia loaded down with hundreds of pounds of cut wood to be used as table decor for the evening's South Carolina Citizens for Life banquet. CPC was tasked with preparing the hall for 500 guests coming out to support the ProLife movement in our state and we worked hard all day doing just that. The staff of six plus a few volunteers (including my sweet and dedicated husband) left Spartanburg at 9:30 and vacated a beautiful venue at 4:15 leaving just enough time to shower at the hotel and don our party duds.

It was a spectacular evening. The guest speakers were Alan and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty fame. Their testimony and message was soul touching! We were extra thrilled to be recognized for our efforts and later spend time with them to chat after the crowd had dispersed (even a few pics!). 

What a great night of faith and fellowship.

Long ride back home and a dreary weather day. Thom has a Ranger game to watch for now.  I'm planning to stretch my muscles on the exercise bike but after that a lazy afternoon with my jigsaw puzzle....

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